About Us

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Perpetual Waters Charter Service. Perpetual Waters Charter Service is a locally owned and operated charter service. I personally am a licensed funeral service professional with over 30 years’ experience in funeral service in Windsor/Essex County.

Let me share with you how this will work. 

You would contact a local funeral home near you. The funeral home would make all the arrangements with your family to provide this service.   The funeral director will contact Perpetual Waters Charter Service to set up a date, time and location for the scattering of your loved one’s ashes. We will strive to accommodate any requests made by the funeral home to ensure that the ritual scattering of ashes is carried out in a professional, dignified, legal, and respectful manner. We will also work with the funeral home to accommodate any requests by your family such as providing music, flower petals to release, photographs or video to make this experience memorable.

We will set out from our home base, at the marina in Leamington, Ontario or a pre-arranged location from one of our local marinas in the area and includes a 2-hour round trip. Our well-appointed, commercially registered, insured vessel and certified skipper will take your family to the location where the scattering will take place. Our 31-foot vessel will comfortably accommodate 6 people you’re funeral director and skipper. This would be offered through the months of May through the middle of October, with bookings beginning in April.

Additionally, we will provide your family with a Certificate of Sea Scattering – with the exact GPS Coordinates of where your family’s loved one’s scattering ceremony took place on the lake. This will ensure future visits to the scattering location, to celebrate a life lived, can be accommodated.

Perpetual Waters would be happy to offer your family the opportunity to revisit the site where the ceremony took place in the future by contacting us directly. Perpetual Waters Charter Service reserves the right to cancel charters due to inclement weather, High winds, or unsuitable wave action for the scattering of ashes.We will reschedule at a later date arranged by your funeral home. Scattering of ashes in the waters of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair can be a very appropriate way of honoring your loved one’s life once lived. This may be an appropriate option if your loved one is a fisherman, boater or simply loved the water.

The attached photo is a picture of a biodegradable urn which can be purchased from the funeral home when you’re making arrangements for this service. There is a variety of biodegradable urns to choose from at the funeral homes. It is an environmentally friendly way in which to lay the ashes of your loved ones upon the water.

After a period of time, the urn takes in water and submerges itself. It gives you an opportunity for your family to have a short service or prayers prior to the ashes submerging themselves and the service is completed. Flowers petals can be placed upon the water to create a great photo opportunity as well.